Photo By: Susan Arnold - Table Rock Quarter Horses
Darren Miller stopping on Blinky Darren Miller on Blinky

It's called dry work because it's the event that involves no cattle, It's just the horse and rider. The dry work is similar in manuevers to reining.

The dry work consist of pre-determined patterns each containing all of the following manuevers.

Each pattern varies in the sequence of the required manuevers.

Each of these manuevers is judged and scored seperately on the precision of the execution. The horses should be willing to perform each manuvers with little or no visible cues from the rider.

Following is how a pattern decription would read: (NRCHA Pattern 1)

  1. Start at end of arena. Run down middle past center marker to a sliding stop.
  2. Back at least 10 feet to center. 1/4 turn left.
  3. Pickup right lead, large fast circle, slow small circle.
  4. Change leads to left, Large fast circle, small slow circle.
  5. Change leads to right, do not close this circle.
  6. Run around end of arena and down the side (approximately 20 feet from fence) past center marker and come to a sliding stop.
  7. Complete 3 1/2 spins to the right.
  8. Continue back down side and end of arena to other side (approximately 20 feet from fence) go past center marker and come to a sliding stop.
  9. Complete 3 1/2 spins to the left.
  10. Hesitate to complete pattern.