In addition to a western saddle, chaps, boots, spurs and traditional cowboy attire some specialized equipment is used in reined cowhorse shows. This reflects the traditional Vaquaro training equipment.

Snaffle Bits Two year olds are started with a Snaffle Bit. There are many styles of snaffle bits, round ring smooth snaffles are pictured. These were hand made by Tom Balding. The cost for the "brown" rings with silver dots is ~$250.00
Hackamore & macate A hackamore or bozal is braided rawhide that fit around a horses nose. The reins or macate is made of braided horse hair.
Two Rein The Two Rein rig is used in conjunction with a bridle as a transition into the bridle. The six year old horse can be shown in both the two rein and the bridle.
Bridle The bridle is used on fully trained or "finished" cow horses, six years and older. This bit is also hand made by Tom Baldin and cost $565.00
romal The Romal (pronounced ro-MAHL or ro-MEL) are usually braided from rawhide, sometimes leather. They are used with the cow horse bridle pictured above.